Mission First Tactical reserves the right to request proof of purchase and/or original packaging before issuing any replacement or credit. If a returned product is found to be a counterfeit MFT bears no responsibility to issue a credit or a replacement and will confiscate the product.

Mission First Tactical is issuing a warning. Counterfeit product bearing MFT’s logo are either being shipped from Asia or from within the United States.

If you have seen MFT on various online auction sites (such as, Amazon and Craigslist) and online retail sites at highly reduced prices many of these have turned out to be low-quality, unsafe counterfeits.

* Counterfeits create safety concerns. Poor materials and inaccurate specifications needed for centerfire rifles lead to product failure.

* Counterfeits rob the American worker- MFT prides itself on having created American manufacturing and jobs.

* Counterfeits rob MFT’s ability to support shooters, the shooting community and contribute to American society.

* Counterfeits weaken Shooting Industry merchants ability to continue in business

Safeguard yourself

1. Are you purchasing from an online auction site (such as, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or some other online retailer)? Often the seller claim he is selling "a gift that he doesn't need"?

2. Does the product come in sealed MFT packaging?

3. Are you purchasing from an authorized MFT Distributor or Dealer?

4. Is the price for the product to cheap? Then probably you should be extremely cautious.

5. Are you purchasing from an international retailer? If so, you are probably purchasing a counterfeit product.