MFT International Shipments

An Export License is required for all Gun Part orders exceeding $100 (U.S.). Unless the product is signified by the ship freely symbol, which means this item does not fall under ITAR and can be shipped internationally without an export license.

Licenses from the US State Department take time to receive. You will need a DSP-83 form from the US State Department for regulated items. It can easily take 30-60 days to obtain an export license, so plan ahead accordingly. Many other countries also require the buyer to apply for and receive an import permit or certificate in order to be able to import a licensed item into their country; so again, you will have to be aware of what the laws are for your country.

Attached are a DSP 83 form and a End User Agreement

Mission First Tactical has an obligation to monitor our shipments for both direct and indirect exports. A direct export is when an order is placed by someone outside of the United States and then ships out of the US when all the required licenses and investigations have been successfully completed for that order. An indirect export is where an order is placed by a customer outside of the US and then is shipped to another location within the United States. Both of these examples could need an export license to take place.

Mission First Tactical will swiftly report any violations to the appropriate governing authorities of any potential customer which seeks to break those laws.

You will be required to provide an import permit or certificate from your government for us to include along with the export application for you order. You will also have to provide Mission First Tactical with a written order for the items you wish to order. This can be an official purchase order or a written order on your company’s letterhead, paragraphing in letter form the items you wish to order. Your signature is required on these items as well. The US Department of State also requires that your written order reflect that Mission First Tactical is the supplier your order is directed to. Failure to do so will cause your application to be denied. Unfortunately, the Mission First Tactical Order Form from our web site or our Web Order Confirmation cannot be accepted as a written order.

Exports of licensed products are regulated by various US Government agencies. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is administered by The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) through the US Department of State. Click here for more information on License Support Documentation information from DDTC:

Other Web Resources

This is the Commerce Department EAR Section 731 Supplement No. 1 Country Chart. In this listing, if your country is listed on the chart and has an ‘X’ in the FC, CC1, CC2, CC3, AT1, OR AT2 columns, you will need an export permit.

Canadian customers can click here for information regarding firearms parts purchases:

Canadian customers are required to provide and Import Authorization which states that you can import firearm components. Our Department of State will only accept a certified English translation of this import permit. DO NOT send your original copy because you will need it to receive the goods when they come to you.

If your country does not require an import license, you will need to post us a certified letter reflecting this information. Your written, signed order is required, as well as the guidelines previously mentioned.

Part 2: Shipping Information, International

Ordering Requirements

To be sure your order reaches you without delay, please send the include the following information with your order: Complete street address, Post Office Box, Phone and Fax Number (including country code and your Email address). A telephone number is required by all shipping carriers and your order will not be processed unless one is listed. Providing your Email address will allow you to follow your order through our system and track your shipment.


Need to order a regulated item? Regulated items must be shipped under an export license. The Untied States Department of State requires an import certificate/permit, written purchase (on your letterhead stationary), end-user statement and DSP83 form for regulated items to be shipped internationally.

Small Package Air

Small packages can be sent U.S. Air Mail at a reduced cost if they weigh less than 4 pounds (1.8 kg). This service does not offer tracking capability.

Parcel Post Surface

Expect 3 to 4 months delivery time. Size and weight limits may vary from country to country. Service does not offer tracking capability, insurance offered is required for full value of shipment.

Parcel Post Air or Priority

Same as Parcel Post Surface except delivery time is seven to 10 days. No tracking capability is offered, insurance offered is required for full value of shipment.

Parcel Post Express

Packages sent Parcel Post Express should arrive seven to nine days after the required paperwork is filed and completed. Weight limits vary between countries. Offers tracking capability.

UPS Standard to Canada: UPS offers standard shipment to Canada, the delivery time is basically less than one weeks time. All brokerage fees are assessed upon receipt. All shipments have tracking capability.

UPS Expedited: UPS expedited offers delivery within 10 days. Tracking capability is standard and brokerage fees are assessed upon receipt.

Freight Carrier: Quote offered per request. 


Part 3: Address Information, International

Ship to and Bill to Address

If your “ship to address” is in the U.S., but your “bill to address” is not, the order will still be assessed as an international order with the same rules and regulations as shipping internationally.

Part 4: Payment Options

Pay by Credit Card

It’s the fastest and easiest way for our International Customers. When you fill out the Step 2, please provide your card number, expiration date, and your name (as it appears on the card). When your order is shipped, we will send an e-mail notifying you of the exact charges to your credit card (both shipping and merchandise).

Pay by Wire Transfer

You can electronically transfer funds from your bank to ours. Please call (267-803-1517) to make arrangements. Paying by electronic transfer add an additional $30 for fees.

Pay by Money Order or Bank Draft

International money orders and bank drafts are also acceptable forms of payment. Money orders should be made payable in U.S. Dollars to Mission First Tactical and drawn on an International U.S. bank. Have your bank include its routing number on the face of the bank draft. We will ship immediately once payment clears.

Part 5: Additional Fees

Gun Parts: Fees and Licenses

Many of our items are classified as Gun Parts. There are many strictly enforced rules that go along with these parts.

A Gun Part is “any item necessary to the operation of a weapon”.

Electronic Export Information, EEI

o An EEI is required for all gun part orders and export license orders.

  • Export License Fees
  • • An Export License is required for all Gun Part orders exceeding $100 (U.S.).
  • • Export licenses are issued by the U.S. State Department and may take between 30 and 40 days to receive. An Export License is will be required for each order that meets the criteria as set by the International Traffic In Arms Regulations, ITAR.
  • • Note: If the value of your order requires Mission First Tactical to apply for an export license there will be an additional charge of $250 unless the value of the order is greater than $5,000.00 in order to reimburse us for United States State Department fees.

Brokerage Fees

A brokerage fee is charged by a broker in your country to ensure the goods comply with your countries import rules and regulations.

COD: CODs are unavailable on International Orders.

-Note-If you order an item that is undeliverable due to shipping restrictions, it will be cancelled from your order.

DSP 83 Form